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The Independence Chair™ 700 Series

The safety, independence, and user-friendliness you know and love from the Independence Chair™ by VELA — optimized with your accessibility in mind.

News: You can also browse and purchase directly from our new website at www.vela-chairs.com

The chair for enhanced activity, safety, and independence

The newly engineered Independence Chair™ by VELA provides dynamic solutions for increased activity. Users get more freedom and self-reliance around the home knowing they can move with safety and confidence.

This new series offers lower seat-to-floor heights to accommodate more users and a two-wheel locking system for stationary stability and additional support.

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Which Independence Chair™ is right for you?

The Independence Chair™ 700 series comes in three different models and five color choices. Every model has locking wheels, height adjustment, comfortable seating, backrest options, and three accessories. Take the quiz and one of our Quality of Life Experts will narrow down what chair is right for you!

Features on all models

All models available in the Independence Chair™ 700 series by VELA are equipped with height adjustments, abrasion and water-resistant material, locking wheels, and many more features to improve ease of movement, comfort, and safety.

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A durable welded steel frame offers continuous support and does not bend with time. Batteries should last years according to use. Taking extra care of your chair should extend its years of use.

The seat material is abrasion and water-resistant and conforms to the body with elastic durability similar to memory foam. It’s been independently certified to ≥50,000 Martindale cycles. The material is 67% Wool, 20% Flame Retardant Viscose, and 13% Viscose.

A two-wheel locking system creates stationary stability to ensure a safe and controlled exit and entry every time. This stability allows people to use the chair as a leaning post or for additional support.

Extension cords are not needed, as the chair operates on a long battery system that can be charged overnight. The chair is operated by batteries, so there’s no risk of tripping over loose cords. We recommend charging overnight to make sure the chair is always ready for use.

Easily attachable or removable accessories — such as a seat protector, foot ring, or companion bar — are available for further customization. A special foot ring is available to achieve a proper sitting posture and rest feet while in a high-sitting position. When the foot ring isn’t in use, it folds away easily.

The chair’s durable rubber wheels made with four-inch encased castors provide exceptional ease of movement over most floor surfaces so users can smoothly foot propel throughout the home or workplace

Power and manual height adjustments give users the freedom to raise or lower themselves while doing different activities and chores around the house, including cooking, crafting, and getting to those once hard-to-reach cabinets.

The chairs are designed and made in Denmark, meaning they have the highest quality materials that Scandinavian furniture can offer. They also come in five colors: onyx black, ruby red, midnight blue, dove grey, and charcoal grey.

The chair offers a 22-degree backward recline feature, allowing the individual to use it as a personal chair or recliner. All models can also recline forward 4 degrees.

The user can adjust the back of the chair for anterior or posterior support as well as vertical height based on individual needs. The adjustability allows for optimal comfort and posture.

The Independence Chair™ by VELA has a weight limit of 300 pounds, but we offer options to accommodate up to 660 pounds.

Pam Wiley, Sherwood AK

RuthAnn Batchelder

Jerry Ward

Great Service, Great Quality!

My husband has a health issue that drains his stamina with any activity. We’ve been looking for a way to safely allow him to be more mobile. This chair has helped him be safe and stable in the kitchen due to the powered height adjustments and locking mechanism. Because the chair is easily adjustable I use it in the kitchen too. My goal is for him to start cooking breakfast for us again soon!

Thrilled with Independence Chair™!

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with the Independence Chair™. My husband absolutely loves it! It is so well constructed—better than I could have hoped for—and is sturdy and safe for him to use. We are absolutely thrilled with our purchase!

Life-changing Freedom: Enable Me’s Independence Chair™

I have purchased a Independence chair for my office 2 years ago from ENABLE ME. Recently I purchased a second Independence chair for my home to use in lieu of a wheel chair from ENABLE ME. The service and care given me has been outstanding. These chairs are of the highest quality and work perfectly. The freedom and mobility have been life changing. I now can transition to every room and every height without assistance. I have been able to continue working because of this chair. I highly recommend Enable Me and the Independence Chair.

Independence Chair™ By Vela Pricing

You can place an order through our Quality of Life Experts. They’ll ensure that the device will fit inside your home properly and save you the hassle of an immediate return. The Independence Chair is a medical device, so we advise a consultation before purchase.

To request pricing for your chair, please fill out this interactive quiz or contact our team directly in the form below to see which model is the right fit for you. Then, one of our Quality of Life Experts will prepare a quote for you.

News: You can also browse and purchase directly from our new website at www.vela-chairs.com

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