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VELA Medical

High-Quality Seating Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
All chairs are designed to meet the high standards of the healthcare industry, making VELA Medical products a common choice for hospitals, specialist and general practitioners, health clinics, and laboratories.

VELA Mammography

The VELA Mammography Chair is optimal for patients who need to sit down during examinations, e.g. women prone to fainting, wheelchair users or patients with diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system.

VELA 'Basic+' Ophthalmology

This Ophthalmology Chair is ideal for eye exams where the patient must remain stable for the exam to be properly performed and the best images obtained.

VELA 'Turn+' Thorax

Patient Chair designed for thoracic X-rays, where the patient must be stabilized to obtain correct images.

VELA 'Move+' Ophthalmology

The VELA ’Move+’ Ophthalmology Chair is ideal for eye exams where the patient needs to be transported between different devices and equipment in a quick and safe manner. Large seat and backrest.

Our Clients

Delivering solutions for safe patient handling and mobility outcomes

Frequently asked questions

The VELA Medical Chairs are manufactured in Aalborg, Denmark by our partner VELA. You can learn more about them here.

Our clients say

"We just all love the chair here at the department. It so easy to maneuver and really helps us the overcome the huge patient flow of many different patients"
Vickie Sanderson
Specialist Radiographer & Lead Mammographer at Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, UK in the Breast Screening Unit
“The armrests can be lowered to seat level, making it easy to transfer patients from their wheelchair. And if they need to be moved to another room or department, we don’t need to transfer them back into their own chair."
Nottingham City Hospital's Department of Radiography
"We use the VELA Medical chair in our clinic. In particular, we use the chair to the increasing number of disabled patients – they are placed in the chair and can be moved quickly and comfortably to all examinations. The electric height adjustment makes the work much easier for the staff. In this way, the patient flow can be high in the clinic while we are saving time."
Dr. Patrick Vivell
Ophthalmologist in Bruchsal, Germany
"We have chosen the VELA ‘Move+’ Ophthalmology chairs for the clinic because they allow us to optimise patient positioning for different examinations in a secure and lockable base."
Dr. Willem Maat
Ophthalmologist at “Oog op Zuid” Eye Clinic in Rotterdam, Netherlands