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We invite you to read a little about how the Independence Chair™ manufactured by VELA has changed lives across the country. Hear from the mouths of the very people who own and operate these great devices every day—or have the pleasure of seeing the smiles on those who are users.

The following Independence Chair™ reviews will give you a real taste of what this comfortable, safe, convenient, and innovative activity chair can do for you, an employee, or a loved one. Why rely on marketing when you can go directly to the source for genuine, heartfelt testimonials?



"My husband has a health issue that drains his stamina with any activity. We’ve been looking for a way to safely allow him to be more mobile. This chair has helped him be safe and stable in the kitchen due to the powered height adjustments and locking mechanism. Because the chair is easily adjustable I use it in the kitchen too. My goal is for him to start cooking breakfast for us again soon!"
I am 89 years old and have mobility problems that make being on my feet for more than just a couple of minutes very difficult. This chair has made it possible for me to do so many things that I was unable to do before. I am in this chair for the major part of the day and it allows me to move freely around to work on crafts that I do. I can raise it up to do things in my kitchen that were impossible before. Simple things like making coffee, fixing sandwiches. I can now see things that I have cooking on the stove and reach into cupboards that required me to stand before. So glad I found this chair - it is a life changer for me.
Fran Rezac, Independence Chair™ Plus by VELA

Just to remind you, I have the Independence chair and from the first day it made a significant difference in my life. 

. Being able to control the height of my chair has made transfers not only easier but safer. 

. The right side of my body is weaker as a result of a couple back surgeries. The Independence chair has forced me to use my right leg more which has led to significant improvement in my leg’s strength. 

. Several physical therapists have told me I wouldn’t walk again.  With the help of PT and continuing strengthening  of my leg with the Independence chair, I have started walking with a walker after six months of sitting and laying down. 

. All this has helped my mental attitude much to my wife’s delight.   As an 89 year old, we are grateful. 



John S., Independence Chair™ Electric by VELA
My 510E solved a problem for me finding a lift office chair. I am working from home and need assistance getting up out of my chair. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find one anywhere until I came across Enable Me. They had what appears to be the only office lift chairs available on the market.

I called and was greeted by a very helpful and knowledgeable staff.
I decided to order the electric 510E. It arrived in about a week. The quality was better than expected. The brakes allow me to stand without fear of the chair rolling out from under me. The 4 large wheels allow me to roll effortlessly across the floor. The chair suits my needs and meets my expectations perfectly. It has the same footprint of a standard office chair. I highly recommend this chair.
Gino Antonini, Independence Chair™ Plus by VELA

The people at Enable have made my life BETTER
The people at Enable made doing it EASY
The people at Enable gave me the customer SERVICE
You rarely see anymore
The people at Enable NEVER left me guessing or wondering about my purchase.
I could not be HAPPIER with my Independence Chair
Michael Burgess, Independence Chair™ Tango 300 by VELA

I had the most wonderful buying experience. Excellent customer service! Brandon could not have been more helpful! The delivery guy was great also. Just wonderful all around service.
Briar Lakes Productions, Independence Chair™ by VELA

I was using a manual wheelchair prior to purchasing the Independence chair. I have been using it for about a month. I am able to maneuver throughout my home with much less pain. My favorite feature is having the ability to reach high cabinets and look at pot contents when cooking. There were a few little tweaks that were needed to help my chair cross the floor transitions in my home. This issue was addressed promptly and smoothly. I would recommend this mobility device to anyone seeking assistance with managing in home tasks. Also, the proactive communication from the EnableMe was greatly appreciated.
Tina Riley, Independence Chair™ Plus by VELA

I contacted Enable Me to investigate and purchase a specialized chair (Independence Plus chair) for my husband who has a disability. Brandon Wachtfeitl assisted me and provided the information I needed to make a decision to purchase the chair. Brandon was very responsive to my many questions, phone calls and requests. My husband and I are delighted with his new chair which is providing him with greater mobility and independence. Thank you Brandon for all of your help.
Anna Gawlinski, Independence Chair™ Plus by VELA

The Enable Me chair has been such a boon to me. On days when my pain level is very high I am still able to move through my day doing housework or cooking with the help of my chair. There is a learning curve to using the chair. I have to be conscious of my posture and be sure to sit all the way back in the chair or I feel back strain. The first week of use I kept having leg cramps because of pushing myself around on my toes, now I try to use my heels more. And once I get in the kitchen I will just pull/ push myself along the counter tops with my arms. Sewing in my chair is such a pleasure. I can wheel around my sewing room, moving from sewing table to ironing board easily and raising or lowering my seat height as needed. I leave my chair plugged in at night so that I always start with a strong battery charge first thing in the morning. The chair is very easy to use on my hardwood and cement floors but does bog down on the carpet in my hallway and bedroom so I still use a walker at night. If I ever reach the point that I'm unable to bear weight at all I would gladly remove my carpets to increase my ability to be independent using my chair.
Rosemary Barton, Independence Chair™ Electric by VELA

i worked with brandon from enable me to order the independence chair. i am in a different state and was a little worried about the chair fitting my needs without trying it first. i was also worried, as a very low-income person, about spending so much money for this one assistive device. i am glad i took the risk and ordered the chair with my stimulus check and tax refund. the risk was worth it. brandon took my height and needs into consideration to customize the chair. it is not a one-size-fits-all chair, and you pay for that difference, but it is worth every penny, and the high quality means it is made to last.

i have ehlers-danlos syndrome and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), along with a slew of comorbidities. i have been almost bed-bound by my conditions for a year and very debilitated for the past three-and-a-half years. i want to participate more in all the activities of daily life. however, my rollator and wheelchair were just not cutting it!

with the independence chair, i am able to gradually increase my orthostatic tolerance to be upright and participate in life more. by pressing a button, i can raise the chair to reach high cabinets, and lower it so i can reach the bottom of the fridge with less dizziness. i am gradually increasing my strength and helping my circulation. it is necessary to wear house shoes that have a good grip for ease of movement, so i can 'walk' myself in the chair from room to room.

i rent a small house and was worried about the size of the chair, but it has a streamlined profile and works well in my space.

the chair is comfortable and adjustable. the headrest is a must for me, and the chair can tilt, so that if i become very dizzy i'm able to recline. my chair has a footrest, so that when the chair lifts enough that my feet don't hit the ground, i'm still supported. i ordered the washable, waterproof seat cover which can protect against spills or accidents. i ordered the chair in a deep blue, which i love. it looks snazzy and i get compliments on it from caregivers and home health as well as friends.

my chair generally lives in my kitchen when not in use. it plugs in easily to the power outlet and quickly charges. i get a lot of use in between charges.

the chair makes a bad day better by allowing me to sit supported in the kitchen while i microwave a frozen meal. i use it to eat at the kitchen table with my children. prior to having the chair, we had a lot of 'bed picnics.' it feels good to sit at a table again.

i've also been able to gradually expand my diet from frozen meals. i can tolerate being upright more and so i can now use the toaster oven and microwave, and even have prepared a simple stove-top meal with assistance. my level of debilitation is severe, so this is huge for me.

the chair is intuitive and easy to use. the control buttons can be placed under the right or left armrest depending on personal preference. there is a brake that i can operate with ease, which also can be on either side. the cord plugs neatly into the chair when not charging, so when it is time to charge, there's no long search for the end of the cord.

the chair has not miraculously cured me, but it has significantly improved my quality of life. i'm very grateful to brandon and enable me for working with customers nationwide to deliver this top-of-the-line product. i am looking forward to using this chair for many years to come.
Deborah C. Brandon, Independence Chair™ Plus by VELA

The Intendance chair allows me to work in my kitchen. I highly recommend this for anyone with mobility issues. Enable me backs their products.
Mardell Eberly, Independence Chair™ Electric by VELA

I have lower back spinal issues as well as knee problems that prevent me from engaging in daily living activities easily. Before I purchased my Enable Me chair, I had to rely on others to do housework or just skip it entirely. Things were getting cluttered and dusty to say the least! I chose the powered chair as I wanted to get up closer to standing height in the kitchen. It's dangerous to cook from a low position. I love that this chair lets me glide under my own foot power about the house. Using this chair on our main living level saves my energy so I can head downstairs to our television room and reading area. Best purchase ever!
Cynthia Eisen, Independence Chair™ by VELA

The Enable chair truly changed my husband’s outlook on life. He loves the ease of changing the height, and the leg and wheel design allows him to be more mobile without the fear of tipping over. From start to finish, everything went smoothly.
Anna Nickell, Independence Chair™ Electric by VELA

I can go from one room to the other and not worry about falling with holding on to my walker I was always scared falling is my worst fear. I can do things and not have to use the grabber like reaching in my over head cabinets. I get plenty of foot and leg use to go from one place to the other. Always remember to use the brake and you wont roll or have the chair slip when you go to sit down.
Barbara Bertelin, Independence Chair™ Plus by VELA

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