Independence Chair


We invite you to read a little about how the Independence Chair™ manufactured by VELA has changed lives across the country. Hear from the mouths of the very people who own and operate these great devices every day—or have the pleasure of seeing the smiles on those who are users.

The following Independence Chair™ reviews will give you a real taste of what this comfortable, safe, convenient, and innovative activity chair can do for you, an employee, or a loved one. Why rely on marketing when you can go directly to the source for genuine, heartfelt testimonials?



"My husband has a health issue that drains his stamina with any activity. We’ve been looking for a way to safely allow him to be more mobile. This chair has helped him be safe and stable in the kitchen due to the powered height adjustments and locking mechanism. Because the chair is easily adjustable I use it in the kitchen too. My goal is for him to start cooking breakfast for us again soon!"

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INDEPENDENCE CHAIRTM Over a Standard Office Chair?

If you’re looking for a chair that prioritizes both security and convenience, check out this comparison sheet.