The Independence Chair™: For Work, Home or Play Learn More

Proven to produce better health outcomes

Stay mobile and independent at work and home

The Independence Chair For Work, Home or Play
Proven to produce better health outcomes

Stay mobile and independent at work and home

Proven to reduce length of stay.

Stay mobile and independent at work and home.

Stay safe and mobile with the Independence Chair™
Stay safe and mobile with the Independence Chair™
Stay mobile and independent at work and home.

Proven to reduce length of stay
Start Recovery Sooner
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Enable Me®’s mission is to improve quality of life and promote activity through our innovative lifestyle solutions including the Independence Chair™ by Vela.

MOTOmed and Hasomed significantly reduce recovery time in...


Studies show an average hospital LOS reduction of 2.7 patient days per ICU patient through the use of MOTOmed’s movement therapy (MT) devices.

Home Care

MOTOmed devices can enhance health outcomes in home care, including improved renal, bowel and bladder activity, pulmonary function and even a better night’s sleep.

Nursing Homes

Residents still confined to bed or wheelchair can use MOTOmed devices in situ, so there is a Return on Safety (ROS) with the reduction in lifting injuries to staff.

Veterans Facilities

In-home application of MOTOmed devices eliminates physical, emotional and financial stress on veterans caused by travel for therapy.

Dialysis treatment

The motor-assistance feature in the MOTOmed Letto 2 enables even very weak dialysis patients to train safely and actively on their own.

Neurological Rehabilitation

With the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requiring objective data verifying patient progress toward recovery, the data-gathering features of MOTOmed devices help healthcare facilities achieve compliance.

"I have found 20 to 30 minutes on the MOTOmed in the morning will ease my muscles naturally, making my spasms roughly 80% less. I know several others that achieve this same result and no longer take spasm medication." - Allen McKinley



Independence Chair™

Discover how this breakthrough chair is enabling our current users to experience an improved quality of life through enhanced independence.

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