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Experience the MOTOmed Movement Therapy™ with MOTOmed – your comprehensive solution for rehabilitation. It's more than a physical therapy device - it's a fusion of passive and active movement exercises, a circulation booster, and an interactive trainer!

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Delivering solutions for safe patient handling and mobility outcomes

MOTOmed and Hasomed significantly reduce recovery time in...


Studies show an average hospital LOS reduction of 2.7 patient days per ICU patient through the use of MOTOmed’s movement therapy (MT) devices.

Home Care

MOTOmed devices can enhance health outcomes in home care, including improved renal, bowel and bladder activity, pulmonary function and even a better night’s sleep.

Nursing Home

Residents still confined to bed or wheelchair can use MOTOmed devices in situ, so there is a Return on Safety (ROS) with the reduction in lifting injuries to staff.

Veterans facilities

In-home application of MOTOmed devices eliminates physical, emotional and financial stress on veterans caused by travel for therapy.

Dialysis Treatment

The motor-assistance feature in the MOTOmed Letto 2 enables even very weak dialysis patients to train safely and actively on their own.

Neurological Rehabilitation

With the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requiring objective data verifying patient progress toward recovery, the data-gathering features of MOTOmed devices help healthcare facilities achieve compliance.

Get Back To Doing Things You Love On Your Own Terms

Ken R is a polio survivor, having contracted polio at age 4. He wore leg braces most of his life and was able to navigate well with a cane until a fall last year shattered his femur. Surgery was required for a plate and screws, and Ken’s life became limited to whatever he could do in a wheelchair. That excluded his favorite hobby, brewing craft beers in his home brewery. The EnableMe chair was a birthday gift that was exactly what he needed. He can adjust the chair from desk height to bench height as required to reach his equipment. And having a brake for the wheels eliminates the possibility of the chair scooting out from underneath him as he sits. His limited leg strength is no longer a problem and he is back to brewing his favorite beers for family and friends.

Ken R.

Polio Survivor, Independence Chair™ user

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