Solutions for Stroke Recovery

Hi, my name’s Mike Laky. I’m the CEO of Enable Me based out of Tampa, Florida.

We offer simple, safe, and effective solutions for those that may have suffered from stroke. Our goal is to give you a sooner recovery as well as higher quality of life.

How do we do that?

One of our technologies is a RECK MOTOmed Muvi. It’s an ergometer for upper and lower extremities simultaneously. Thus by doing that, it produces additional neuroplasticity and invites the neuro system to start making new connections in the brain around the cells that were killed by the event or the stroke.

Do you know of someone, perhaps yourself or loved one that has suffered from a stroke?

There is hope.

We can give you additional recovery for years to come. There’s research and science that proves that. So whatever state you may be, we have a solution that can assist you.
So please, increase your quality of life for you or your loved one and visit us at and we’ll be out to help you today.