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Manufactured by VELA

Mammography Chair

The VELA Mammography Chair is optimal for patients who need to sit down during examinations, e.g. women prone to fainting, wheelchair users or patients with diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system.

Locking wheels

Quick and secure patient positioning for the examination device using the chair’s smooth-running wheels, push bar and foot brake

more accurate exams

More accurate examinations for anxious or unsteady patients as they are more able to relax when seated

powered height adjustment

Optimal positioning of the patient with electric height adjustment, which makes it easy to vary the chair height to suit the equipment and staff

less stress for you

Good working position for the staff because regardless of the patient’s height they can be seated at the right height for the staff, reducing stress in the back, neck and shoulders

Adjust patient posture

Forward-leaning position easily achieved and secured by adjusting the backrest

Adjustable Armrests

The patient can be transferred between, for example a wheelchair and the patient chair due to foldable armrests

Hygiene Benefits

VELA Medical chairs are designed to meet the stringent hygiene and disinfecting requirements in the healthcare sector.

  • For optimal hygiene, chairs have easy-to-clean surfaces without recesses where dirt might gather, including the underside of the chair
  • All backrests are supplied with edge bands to prevent dirt from collecting in the joints
  • All parts can withstand disinfection, for example, with alcohol or chlorine at the recommended concentration and mixing ratios
  • Light-colored surfaces make it easy to spot marks when cleaning

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