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“Enable Me.”

Two powerful words with different meanings for so many. Over the past 29 years these words have been at the root of those we serve. Whether it is an individual trying to find a sleeping surface that lowers their pain so they can get a good night’s sleep or those learning to walk again after a catastrophic injury, we strive to find solutions that can empower people to do everday tasks ranging from the simplest to the most complex.

“Enable Me” seems specific to an individual. But for those of us that have the pleasure of serving individuals with physical or mental challenges, we know it affects so many more—the spouse, sister, brother, mother, father, caregiver and many more more. Our goal is to enable the individual and those who surround them. We look forward to sharing stories, pertinent information and research that is of value to those we serve and their support network. Some of our most fulfilling days are those when we are in direct contact with the individuals, the medical professionals and caregivers that search for these solutions. Through this blog, we look forward to stimulating conversation, ideas and debate.

We invite you to become part of our family here at Enable Me. Take a look around. Read the testimonials and studies. View the product videos. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Get to know Robyn Stawski and how our solutions changed her life.

If you are an end-user or a clinician, we are confident that you find this blog and the solutions of value. Leave us a comment, say “hello,” and let us know how can we enable you.

Mike Laky, President

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