REX Presented at Rehab Institute of Michigan’s Heart of Champions Gala

Tampa, FL (March 8, 2016) − Recently launched in the U.S., the REX robotic device for people with spinal injury and other mobility impairments was demonstrated March 8 at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Heart of Champions Gala at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan.

REX is a hands-free robotic mobility device for rehabilitation. Designed for people with limited mobility, REX is completely self-supporting and can adjust quickly to each user. REX lifts patients from a sitting position into a robot-supported standing position, allowing them to take part in a set of supported walking and stretching exercises designed by specialist physiotherapists.

REX limits the burden on therapists during manual handling and reduces the amount of help required to assist patients who are undergoing standing therapy.

Wheelchair users are at risk of developing numerous medical complications from extended periods of sitting. By enabling them to spend more time standing, walking and receiving therapy, REX may offer significant health benefits.

Enable Me, as the official distributor of REX technology in the U.S., launched REX at the end of 2015. Following REX launches in Europe and parts of Asia, REX is now being used in trials across the U.S. at hospitals and private neuro-rehabilitation clinics. The demand from hospital rehabilitation teams and spinal specialists to try REX with their own patients has led to additional REX units being shipped to the U.S. so more physical therapists and hospital teams may be trained on the device.

So far, we have trained PTs and rehabilitation teams at:

  • TIRR Memorial Hermann, Houston, Texas
  • Houston Methodist Hospital, Texas
  • Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, Detroit
  • Froedtert Hospital, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • VA Palo Alto Health Care System, California
  • Tampa General, Florida

Next to be trained are:

  • Kessler Institute, West Orange, New Jersey
  • Next Steps, Chicago, Illinois

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