MOTOmed Madness

I want to introduce a product to you that has so many benefits it is difficult to describe them all in a short blog. If you haven’t seen a MOTOmed before, take a look at the machine I am using in the photo. I will relate my personal story using the MOTOmed to help you recognize how it will be beneficial for you.

I suffer from extreme leg, back and stomach spasms. Every single day. Doctors want to give me baclofen, Flexeril or other muscle relaxers but those medications make me drowsy, feel weird and simply don’t actually work. They are taught prescribing medications solves problems. I have found 20 to 30 minutes on the MOTOmed in the morning will ease my muscles naturally, making my spasms roughly 80% less. I know several others that achieve this same result and no longer take spasm medication.

This also goes toward the “happy factor” that I’ve talked about in the past. I’m always happier when I have energy, hence no drugs. More energy means I go out into the world and experience life in a better mood more often. Never underestimate the power of a good time. The other side is without spasms all day, I can transfer easier. This means every time I get in my car, onto a sofa, transferring into a seat at a restaurant, into bed and MOST importantly the shower! Wet and soapy with spasms can lead to serious falls and problems. Twenty minutes a day on an extremely easy-to-use machine will improve your life.

There are also so many other benefits, like blood flow, skin health and attitude. Movement therapy is for elderly people, stroke patients, anyone who isn’t moving daily. They should use this machine to get moving. There is a way for a much more fulfilling life and health through better equipment and easy at-home therapy. No doctor visits, standing in line at a pharmacy and most importantly, more energy. I know this because I lived the hard way already. Through dumb luck and educating myself, I have found ways to naturally solve the problems my paralysis causes me. The only question is, “What will you do with all this newfound time and energy?”

Tip: When you get your MOTOmed, put it somewhere that is fun to be. Lots of people try to place it in a corner, because it is very small and seems like a great idea. It is hard to be motivated staring at a wall for 20 minutes. Set it up by a window or in front of a TV.

Allen McKinley is an MSL associate who covers North Carolina and South Carolina.

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