Enable Me Launches U.S. Distribution of REX Bionic System

Hands-Free Mobility Device Completely Self-Supporting and Rapidly Adjustable Tampa, FL (February 10, 2016) – REX is a hands-free robotic mobility device for rehabilitation. Designed for people with limited mobility, REX is completely self-supporting and can adjust quickly to each user. REX lifts patients from a sitting position into a robot-supported standing position, allowing them to take part in a set … Read More

Use It or Lose It

Like so many things in life you need to use it or lose it. Your muscles are no different. Building and maintaining muscle mass will benefit your body as a whole. When your muscle mass improves, so does your pulmonary function, bowel and bladder function, the risk of joint contractures lessens, spasticity reduces, and our mental outlook is more positive. … Read More

Finding Solutions

No one ever plans that accident. No one ever thinks they will be diagnosed with a disease or become physically impaired. Yet it happens everyday. Once the reality sets in, you may wonder, “Now what?” You surround yourself with the best doctors, therapists and other medical professionals that you can find. They treat you, teach you, and get you pointed … Read More

“I can’t move my legs!”

“I haven’t been able to move them for years.” Does this sound familiar? I commonly hear this at expos, clinics and individual’s homes. Those diagnosed with a disabling neuromuscular disease can experience loss of their muscle strength because of it. Unfortunately this lack of movement inhibits body functions such as blood flow, which then results in a variety of other … Read More