Enable Me Celebrates 20th Anniversary

When Mike Laky first started Enable Me, there were few options for people recovering from a stroke, living with multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury. Today, as Enable Me celebrates its 20th anniversary, Laky is proud of the role his company has played over the past 20 years in helping people regain their independence following those illnesses … Read More

MOTOmed Madness

I want to introduce a product to you that has so many benefits it is difficult to describe them all in a short blog. If you haven’t seen a MOTOmed before, take a look at the machine I am using in the photo. I will relate my personal story using the MOTOmed to help you recognize how it will be … Read More

Know the Signs of Stroke and Act FAST

May is National Stroke Awareness Month. At Enable Me, we work with many stroke survivors who remind us how important quick action is to ensure a more complete recovery and a fuller life following a stroke. A stroke is a “brain attack” that occurs when blood flow is cut off from an area of the brain. The brain cells deprived … Read More

First Impressions of REX

The following testimonial comes from Nick Yarter and his mother, Laura Hunter, of Canton, Massachusetts: Nicholas Yarter, 16, sustained a C4-C5 injury in a diving accident on May 8, 2015. He has been confined to a wheelchair since. Upon meeting REX for the first time, Nick regained his sense of balance and center of gravity and got used to walking … Read More