Sitting: I was doing it wrong. Are you?

By Allen McKinley I hope everyone is ready for Spring and the warmer weather. I know I am and that means making sure I have everything I need to be comfortable and safe to enjoy every single day. We have this nasty habit of trying to solve problems after they occur instead of thinking ahead and trying to prevent them … Read More

Watch Demonstration of VELA Tango 300 & 300E Chairs

Watch Demonstration of VELA Tango 300, 300E, and 310E VELA Tango 300 & 300E chairs are designed for bariatric individuals. The Tango 300 and 300E support up to 440 pounds, and the Tango 310E supports up to 660 pounds. They are suitable for use at home, in the workplace, and in rehabilitation or training facilities to ensure an optimal sitting … Read More

At the Office: Considerate Seating Solutions

Vela Chair Tango 300E

With so many hours spent in the office environment, comfort, safety and mobility should be a serious consideration for office staff. For instance, an employee who is above average size and weight would need a robust work chair to suit their needs. This chair should offer a higher weight capacity, various options for wider seats and backs, as well as … Read More