MOTOmed Madness

I want to introduce a product to you that has so many benefits it is difficult to describe them all in a short blog. If you haven’t seen a MOTOmed before, take a look at the machine I am using in the photo. I will relate my personal story using the MOTOmed to help you recognize how it will be … Read More

Better Life Through Better Equipment

By Allen McKinley I’ve been using a wheelchair since April 1, 2002. Like many of you reading this, I never thought I would need one, and I certainly didn’t ask for the challenges life threw at me concerning my disability. I was in a motorcycle accident that left me paralyzed from the chest down. I’m a T-4 para, for those … Read More

Watch Demonstration of VELA Tango 300 & 300E Chairs

Watch Demonstration of VELA Tango 300, 300E, and 310E VELA Tango 300 & 300E chairs are designed for bariatric individuals. The Tango 300 and 300E support up to 440 pounds, and the Tango 310E supports up to 660 pounds. They are suitable for use at home, in the workplace, and in rehabilitation or training facilities to ensure an optimal sitting … Read More

First Impressions of REX

The following testimonial comes from Nick Yarter and his mother, Laura Hunter, of Canton, Massachusetts: Nicholas Yarter, 16, sustained a C4-C5 injury in a diving accident on May 8, 2015. He has been confined to a wheelchair since. Upon meeting REX for the first time, Nick regained his sense of balance and center of gravity and got used to walking … Read More

Finding Solutions

No one ever plans that accident. No one ever thinks they will be diagnosed with a disease or become physically impaired. Yet it happens everyday. Once the reality sets in, you may wonder, “Now what?” You surround yourself with the best doctors, therapists and other medical professionals that you can find. They treat you, teach you, and get you pointed … Read More