MOTOmed Clinical Studies

If you are a professional in the medical field, the following studies will be of benefit to you:

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NEW! Download Clinical Exercise Interventions in Prostate Cancer Patients

NEW! Download Effect of a Multimodal High Intensity Exercise Intervention in Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy Randomised Controlled

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Parkinson Article-Kent State Univ.-Mm

Download Parkinson-Mm Study preliminary results-Kent St.Univ.

Cyclic movement training of lower limb in stroke rehab

Effect of repetitive arm cycling on post stroke spasticity and motor control


The effects of therapy on spasticity


The additional use of MOTOmed or motor spling

Aparatus-assisted training with MS patiens_DSHS

Influence of endurance

Muscular Dystrophy Association of New Zealand

Development of an FES Biofeedback Cycling System


stroke rehabilitation study

Uptake of and adherence to exercise during hospital haemodialysis

Use of an Assistive Movement Training Apparatus of Geriatric Patiens

MOTOmed gracile_Study without MOTOmed_cycling program in CP_Great Britain

MOTOmed gracile_Study without MOTOmed_Systematic review CP_Diane Damiano_NIH_USA

MOTOmed gracile_Study_CP and Activity_Diane Damiano_NIH_USA

MOTOmed gracile_Study_effects on lower limb function_China

MOTOmed Indications – Benefits

MOTOmed MS_Article_MS Association Pathway

MOTOmed MS_Article_Spastic Paraparesis in MS Patients

MOTOmed SCI_Study_blood flow response to passive cycling_

MOTOmed SCI_Study_cardiovscular responses_Japan

MOTOmed SCI_Study_effects on spasticity_Germany

MOTOmed studies _ overview of results_different indications (2)

MOTOmed Study_The Effect of Aerobic Training on Rehabilitation Outcomes_USA

MOTOmed_Spasticity_Study Overview_Effect of repetitive training on ameliorating spasm of…

MOTOmed_Spasticity_Study_Effects of repetitive training on ameliorating spasm of upper limps_hemiplegia

MOTOmed_Spasticity_Study_The effects of therapy on spasticity utilizing a motorized exercise-cycle

MOTOmed ICU_Article_ prophylaxis of thrombosis_Germany

MOTOmed ICU_Article_Chest Physician June 2010_Johns Hopkins_USA

MOTOmed ICU_Article_Physiotherapy in respiratory disease_Belgium

MOTOmed ICU_Studies_research results overview

MOTOmed ICU_Study abstract_ICU_Belgium

MOTOmed ICU_Study_Johns Hopkins University_USA