Letto2 A Great Choice for Physical Therapy


The RECK MOTOmed letto2 offers a way for patients in the intensive care unit to begin early-intervention physical therapy. A number of leading hospitals, including Johns Hopkins University and the Veterans Administration, have been studying the feasibility of using the letto2, a supine ergometer, in the ICU. They have found it to be safe and beneficial.

The letto2 is an ideal choice for movement therapy as it can offer cycling for patients in a reclining, or supine, position. Because the letto2 offers different training levels, it is appropriate for patients who are able to actively cycle using their own strength against the letto2’s resistance; for those who can use limited muscle strength on a motor-assisted setting; and even for those who must rely on a passive setting, where the machine moves the user’s legs to loosen up muscles.

A patient who receives early-intervention therapy, such as cycling with the letto2, may see:

  • Better outcomes
  • Lower levels of spasticity
  • Better bowel and bladder function
  • Decreased muscle atrophy
  • Increased blood flow

In addition, both the patients and their family members report enhanced emotional well-being.

For the hospital ICUs, early-intervention physical therapy using the letto2 may result in:

  • Safer patient handling
  • Fewer staff injuries
  • More timely discharges

The letto2 also is being used in dialysis centers, and some studies have suggested that therapy during dialysis may improve blood filtration, so that patients can get better results in less time on dialysis.

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  1. Is this able to do upper and lower extremities?
    Can I get a quote for the OSU Medical System?

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