FES Clinical Studies

If you are a medical professional, the studies and articles below will be of interest to you.

Download 14_Development of an FES Biofeedback Cycling System_FES_STROKE

Download 15_Stimulating Activities_FES_SCI

Download 19_External Power Output changes_FES_SCI

Download 20_Force-Velocity Relationship of Paralyzed Quadriceps Muscles_FES_SCI

Download 21_Effect of Fatigue on the Timining of Electrical Stim_FES_SCI

Download 22_Maximizing Muscle Force via Low-Cadence_FES_SCI

Download 23_Development of an Isokinetic Functional Electrical Stim_FES_PARAPEGIA

Download Archives of Pysical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Download Ferrante 2008 cycling with fes improves muscle strength motor control past stroke

Download FES cycling pilot RCT Ambrosini Stroke 2011

Download FES in SCI Theory to Function

Download Johnston 2007 Exercise effects

Download Kesar Stroke 2009 FES of plantar flexors and dorsiflexors

Download Ped Section platforms 2007 includes SCI cycling

Download Science_mode-0 2 0

Download Taylor FES Rowing 2011

Download The Effect of Electrical Passive Cycling on Spasticity in War Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury

Download Univ Glasgow FES and Vent

Download Eli Day study

Download Literatur mit Abstracts – Referenzen für die Anwendung von FES nach Rückenmarksverletzung