Parkinson’s + MOTOmed = Possible Solutions

In recent years researchers in the United States and abroad are finding solutions for increased gait and stability, assistance with bradykinesia, tremor reduction and cognition. Although the results vary from individual to individual we are seeing some exciting results.

I was working with our representative in northern California. We worked with a therapist and a gentleman with PD. He was approximately 6’8” in height and was heavily dependent on a single point cane. His gaits were short and resemble a shuffle more so than a step. The therapist set him up on a Parkinson MOTOmed (design for PD user’s needs) and proceeded to have him utilized the movement therapy for 30 minute in a passive mode at 85 RPMs. He had a five minute warm up and a five minute cool down. After his therapy we were quite excited about his result. His flexion and extension had increased. His shuffle now resembled a step and his dependence on the single point can was lowered. He continued the therapy and found the results lasted from hours to days.

We had a similar experience in Houston. I had a gentleman who utilized a power wheelchair stop by our booth at the Abilities Expo. He had the ability to stand and pivot but very limited gait. After 30 minute session from his power chair he was able to stand, walk around his chair and took three steps backwards. His son couldn’t believe the difference. It was an uplifting experience.

As noted the results vary from person to person, however I have personally witnessed multiple positive outcomes and very few individuals that failed to see or feel a difference.

In regards to cognition there is still more research being completed. Initial results seem to indicate that a combination of forced exercise and passive movement give the best results allow individuals to complete cognitive test in a shorter and more accurate fashion. Some of the studies can be accessed through this blog in the navigation bar under “Studies” tab and then “MOTOmed”

If I can be of assistance please do not hesitate to write or call. Click the link below to download a PDF brochure about the MOTOmed and Parkinson’s.

Download Parkinson brochure

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