The Independence Chair™ by VELA enables people to get back to doing the things they love with confidence and allows them to safely conduct their normal routines without assistance.

An innovative solution like no other, the Independence Chair™ equips users so that they are empowered and excited to take on the world.

The Chair for Renewed Activity, Safety, and Independence


The user-friendly Independence Chair™ provides dynamic solutions to discover newfound freedoms. Users experience increased self-reliance around the home and peace of mind, knowing they are safe and capable.

Our special chair locks in place when needed to avoid unwanted rolling and allow users to make transfers without worry. Our power height adjustment makes reaching those hard-to-get-at places much easier. For users who crave independence and confidence in their daily lives, the Independence Chair™ is the answer.

With the Independence Chair™, everyday life becomes easier, safer, and more comfortable than ever before.

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Power and manual height adjustments allow users to raise and lower themselves while dicing ingredients at the kitchen counter, cooking on the stove, or reaching once-challenging overhead cabinets.
The chairs are uniquely designed and made in Denmark, meaning they have the highest quality materials that Scandinavian furniture is widely known for. They also come in five different colors: onyx black, ruby red, midnight blue, dove grey, and charcoal grey.
The 22-degree recline feature (available on the Independence Chair™ Plus only) allows the individual to use the model as a personal easy chair or recliner.
The back of the chair can be adjusted for anterior or posterior support based on needs. Having only four castors prevents any impediments while in motion.
A welded steel frame offers continuous support and does not bend with age. Batteries should last at least one year (but users have reported them lasting up to five), and the chair itself may be used for as many as 20 years!
The seat material is abrasion resistant, water resistant, and conforms to the individual’s body with elastic durability similar to memory foam.
Four-inch castors provide exceptional ease of movement over most floor surfaces so users can foot propel across a room.
Extension cords are not needed, as it operates on a 24-hour battery system that can be charged overnight. The chair does not need to be plugged in for use, so there’s no risk tripping over loose cords.
Easily attached or removed accessories—such as our durable seat protector, foot lock, or companion bar—are available for further convenience and customization. A special foot ring is also available to achieve a proper sitting posture and rest feet while in a high-sitting position. When the foot ring isn’t needed, it easily folds away.
A two-wheel locking system creates stability while stationary to offer peace of mind during exit and entry, while moveable armrests facilitate ease of lateral transfer. This also allows for people to use the chair as a leaning post or for additional support.

Which Independence Chair™ Is Right for You?


Independence Chair™ Manual


Independence Chair™ Electric


Independence Chair™ Plus

*The foot ring pictured on the Independence Chair™ Plus is sold separately.

We offer three different Independence Chair™ models, so you can find the features and benefits ideal for your unique needs at a price point that supports your wallet. There’s no need to settle for traditional, one-size-fits-all devices.

The weight limit is 352 pounds. We have options available to accommodate up to 660 pounds.

    How easily can you move around in your chair? Standard office chairs are often not designed for easy movement, even when equipped with wheels. The Independence Chair™ makes it easy to foot propel yourself around comfortably and without injury and lock in place when needed.

    Independence Chair™ Manual Independence Chair™ Electric Independence Chair™ Plus
    Leg Design
    Why is this important?
    Raised 4-leg flared configuration Raised 4-leg flared configuration Raised 4-leg flared configuration
    Wheel Castor Height
    Why is this important?
    4" 4" 4"
    Seat Design
    Why is this important?
    Waterfall Waterfall Waterfall
    Anterior Seat
    Why is this important?
    6" Tilt 6" Tilt 10" Tilt
    Wheel Locks
    Why is this important?
    Included; optional foot pedal Included; optional foot pedal Included; optional foot pedal
  • Customization and Comfort

    Can your chair be easily adjusted to suit your needs? Can it lift and lower you to hard-to-reach places in your home? The Independence Chair™ can bring you to new heights and is designed with maximum versatility for maximum comfort.
  • Durability

    How long is your chair designed to last? Can it withstand regular, daily use? The Independence Chair™ was built with maximum longevity in mind to support you through all of life’s adventures.
  • “My husband absolutely loves it! It is so well constructed, better than I could have hoped for, and is sturdy and safe for him to use. We are absolutely thrilled with our purchase!”

    —RuthAnn Batchelder

  • “Now it's easy to move around the office. I just can't wait to get one for my home.”

    —Susan, Independence Chair user with muscular dystrophy

Frequently Asked Questions

The Independence Chair™ helps transform your home or workplace into a friendlier environment. It's perfect for anyone that is experiencing the effects of aging, illness, or injury and wants to get back to doing the things they love.


The Independence Chair™ can be yours right away. For more information or to place an order today, fill out the form—we’ll connect you with one of our Quality of Life Experts.

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