We have been thrilled to hear that so many people who once had difficulty moving about their homes and getting daily tasks done have had life-changing experiences with the Independence ChairTM. It’s a special chair that takes a different approach to assisting those that may have had a stroke, hip or knee replacement, arthritis, sciatica, Parkinson’s, COPD, MS, MD, and other conditions that cause issues with balance, the lower extremities, the spine, or muscle weakness.

The Independence ChairTM is a convenient, easy-to-use alternative to bulky wheelchairs—or to standard walkers, which many people feel uncomfortable using.

It enables people to get back to doing the things they love despite illness or injury, or simply allows them to accomplish regular chores and tasks so they can feel independent again.

Everyday activities like getting out of bed, cooking breakfast, brushing teeth, eating, working at a desk, and virtually everything else can be done with added ease and safety. Once equipped with the right tools, users feel as though nothing can stop them from living life to the fullest each day.

See it for yourself

what the Independence ChairTM can do for you, a loved one, or an employee. Here are just a few of people’s favorites things to do with theirs.


Independence ChairTM Benefits

Active Foot Propulsion

Keep moving from a seated position with active foot propulsion. Our users love the feeling of being able to “walk” their chairs around their house to get through all their normal responsibilities. And when help is needed to go from a sitting position to a standing position (and back again), your chair will provide a smooth lift.

Safety Locking System

A central locking system in the wheels allows users to complete a safe transfer from a bed to a chair, or stay in place while completing a task. No one likes to feel unstable or like their seat is going to be moving around when trying to focus on getting something done.

Easy Height Adjustment

When someone needs to reach the top shelf in the kitchen pantry or comfortably align with a work desk, they can easily select power or manual height adjustment. They can move further up or down as they please with a control that can be manipulated from the right or left side, depending on the user’s needs. Even the armrests can be moved as necessary for optimal mobility.

  • “My husband absolutely loves it! It is so well constructed, better than I could have hoped for, and is sturdy and safe for him to use. We are absolutely thrilled with our purchase!”

    —RuthAnn Batchelder

  • “Now it's easy to move around the office. I just can't wait to get one for my home.”

    —Susan, Independence Chair user with muscular dystrophy

Want to find out more about all the things you can accomplish once your independence is restored?

Speak with a specialist to see if the Independence ChairTM may be right for you, your loved one, or your employee. We’ll fill you in on all of the great features and uses. The possibilities are endless!