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Vermund Larsen A/S, “VELA”, Announces the Acquisition of its US-based Distributor Enable Me

Enable Me
Enable Me is dedicated to building a world-class customer experience. With this acquisition, customers of Enable Me and of the VELA Independence Chair® can expect an even better customer experience.

VELA, a specialized Danish healthcare company focused on high-end chairs for people with disabilities, and mobility limitations, has acquired its long-time US partner and supplier, Enable Me.

TAMPA, Fla., Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Danish healthcare company with experience in chair manufacturing, Vermund Larsen A/S, “VELA”, is pleased to announce it has acquired its US (sole) distributor, Enable Me. After growing the business for the last 25 years, Enable Me has become a key partner for VELA; Enable Me has been a long-time US partner and supplier of VELA’s high-end specialized chairs for adults and children with disabilities. This acquisition is part of VELA’s greater distribution strategy.

The merger of VELA and Enable Me will play an important role in VELA’s responsible growth. The VELA Independence Chair® has gained remarkable popularity and success, helping people of all ages, conditions, and physical restrictions reclaim their independence. Through this acquisition, Enable Me will have the assets and support needed to navigate its tremendous growth potential and reach its goals. Both VELA and Enable Me expect increased efficiency as they tap into their respective technologies, resources, and talent.

Enable Me is dedicated to building a world-class customer experience. With this acquisition, customers of Enable Me and of the VELA Independence Chair® can expect an even better customer experience. This acquisition opens the door for more efficient operations, more access to capital for investments in innovation and product development, and a more streamlined system between the two firms.

VELA products are distributed in 30 countries, including the United States. The acquisition of Enable Me will help VELA penetrate the US market — one of the world’s most developed and largest markets — even further. “This is a unique opportunity to ensure our continued growth with a scalable business model that we can use in other markets,” says Per Buus, CEO of Vermund Larsen A/S, and continues:

“In collaboration with our American Partner, Enable Me, and their market expertise, we can accelerate the realization of the huge potential for our products in the USA.”

Enable Me, established 25 years ago, provides high-quality assistive and rehabilitation devices across the United States to the US Department of Veteran Affairs, Department of Defense, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, university hospitals, homes, researchers, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Apple, and Harvard. Mike Laky, CEO, and Founder of Enable Me said: “We are excited about the new merger that will allow Enable Me to reach its full potential in the United States with the backing of its well-respected Danish partner VELA. We are excited about the future for our teammates, customers, clinicians, veterans, and community.”

About VELA
VELA is a Danish family business established in 1935 by Vermund Larsen. For nearly 100 years, VELA has been dedicated to creating comfortable, ergonomic chairs focused on design, function, and high quality — regardless of who the chair is for. VELA is committed to providing sustainable and exceptional products for each customer.

To learn more about VELA Chairs, visit vela.eu and vela-chairs.com.

About Enable Me
At Enable Me, we believe that life should be lived to the fullest, regardless of the effects of aging, disabilities, or mobility challenges. For over 25 years, we have been on a mission to empower individuals to achieve a better quality of life through the latest advancements in assistive devices and technology. We are dedicated to unlocking the potential for happiness, health, and fulfillment for all those we serve.

To learn more about Enable Me, visit enableme.com.

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