Enable Me movement therapy device featured as prop in upcoming movie nets $1000 donation to PVA

Movement therapy device PVA donation

Question: When does a prop used in a murder mystery TV series result in a $1,000 donation to the Florida Gulf Coast Paralyzed Veterans of America Chapter?

Answer: When the bed-ridden actor portraying the murderer in the TV series uses a Letto 2 movement therapy device from Enable Me in a key scene, and Enable Me asks the production company for payment in the form of the $1,000 donation to the PVA.

“It was a win-win for all sides,” commented Mike Laky, CEO of Tampa-based Enable Me, which provides a wide array of movement therapy devices that result in early recovery and long-term benefits for victims of stroke, Parkinson’s, spinal cord and other neuromuscular injuries and diseases.

“The producers needed the Letto 2 as a prop showing the murder suspect exercising in his hospital bed, and we needed a donation to PVA,” said Laky. “Pretty simple, and it worked as planned.”

Laky personally delivered the Reck Letto to Charleston, SC, where Hodges Productions is filming an episode of the Stephen King mystery trilogy, “Mr. Mercedes.”

Hodges Productions had created a true-life ICU set, with advice from experts at the Medical University of South Carolina, and needed movement and action during the scene in which the murder suspect is given exercise therapy while in a coma.

“The Letto 2 in-bed exercise machine was just what they needed for action in that scene,” Laky said. “We’ll get to see the Letto 2 in action when the TV series airs this fall.”

The PVA didn’t have to wait for its donation, however, because Hodges Productions provided the $1,000 donation and Laky handed the check over to Davis Celestine, President of the Florida Gulf Coast Paralyzed Veterans of America Chapter on June 8.

“I truly believe that our disabled veterans have demonstrated by their sacrifice that they are among the finest of American patriots,” said Celestine. “This donation will help provide critical services for those who gave so much for God and country. On behalf of all at the PVA, I offer my sincerest thanks to Hodges Productions and Enable Me for making this happen. It will make a difference.”


Joseph S. Scanlan, President of Enable Me and a Vietnam veteran, announced this summer that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has awarded Enable Me a five-year contract to supply the Reck MOTOmed line of products that restore natural body movement in veterans recovering from neuromuscular injury or disease.

Enable Me is the largest provider of products from German manufacturer RECK-Technik GmbH & Co. KG in the United States. Enable Me’s mission is to improve quality of life by providing user-friendly, motor-assisted movement therapy devices designed to restore natural body movement in people suffering from neuromuscular injury or disease.

Enable Me’s products benefit healthcare facilities such as the VA by offering high-quality, dependable, computer controlled therapy devices that hasten recovery, can reduce ICU time, and offer staff safety and financial advantages. With Enable Me’s products, caregivers and end users have the confidence that they are applying the most modern movement therapy processes that can hasten return to mobility for loved ones and patients in wheelchairs. For more information, please visit https://Enable Me.com/about-us/.

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