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Samuel Rodgers Health Center embracing safe seated mammography powered by Enable Me; U.S. trend toward seated exams benefits patients and technologists

Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center uses the Danish VELA Mammography Chair, enhancing patient comfort and improving breast imaging.

With safe seated mammography trending in the U.S., the Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center (Sam Rodgers) reports its use of the Danish made VELA Mammography Chair has provided significant physical benefits for patients, health benefits for mammographers, and better breast imaging.

The health center purchased the VELA Mammography Chair from Enable Me, a VELA Medical Company based in Florida.

Renee Jeria, Samuel Rodgers Imaging Director, explained many patients are comfortable in the traditional standing position, however, Sam Rodgers finds the clinically-designed mammography chair appropriate in mammograms for women who are not steady on their feet, use a walker or walk with a cane, wheelchair bound, or who may be experiencing dizziness, and in one case, it was especially helpful for a stroke survivor who had lost the use of her right side.

Although falls during standing mammography are rare, Mrs. Jeria commented that patients who are anxious, nervous, who cannot relax and tense up may be prone to falling. “And I would rather have them in my mammo chair before that happens,” she said.

Clearer imaging is achieved because the mammography chair is a stable platform that reduces patient motion, with wheels that lock it into place, and electric height adjustment that better positions the patient for the mammogram, while avoiding what she termed “challenging positions” for the mammographer.

“Just to see the effects it has had on our patients, when they look at the mammography chair, they know that we made an investment in them, that they matter to us,” she commented.

Mrs. Jeria recommended that before their next mammogram, women that find traditional standing mammography intimidating or uncomfortable should ask a facility representative if they offer seated mammography. “But I would go one step further and ask them what type of seated mammogram, specifically what type of chair do they have,” she said. “This particular chair makes all the difference.”

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