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We invite you to read a little about how the Independence Chair™ manufactured by VELA has changed lives across the country. Hear from the mouths of the very people who own and operate these great devices every day—or have the pleasure of seeing the smiles on those who are users.

The following Independence Chair™ reviews will give you a real taste of what this comfortable, safe, convenient, and innovative activity chair can do for you, an employee, or a loved one. Why rely on marketing when you can go directly to the source for genuine, heartfelt testimonials?


Pam Wiley – Sherwood, Arkansas

"My husband has a health issue that drains his stamina with any activity. We’ve been looking for a way to safely allow him to be more mobile. This chair has helped him be safe and stable in the kitchen due to the powered height adjustments and locking mechanism. Because the chair is easily adjustable I use it in the kitchen too. My goal is for him to start cooking breakfast for us again soon!"

- Pam Wiley - Sherwood, Arkansas

Jerry Ward

"I have purchased a Independence chair for my office 2 years ago from ENABLE ME. Recently I purchased a second Independence chair for my home to use in lieu of a wheel chair from ENABLE ME. The service and care given me has been outstanding. These chairs are of the highest quality and work perfectly. The freedom and mobility have been life changing. I now can transition to every room and every height without assistance. I have been able to continue working because of this chair. I highly recommend Enable Me and the Independence Chair."

- Jerry Ward

RuthAnn Batchelder

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help with the Independence Chair™. My husband absolutely loves it! It is so well constructed—better than I could have hoped for—and is sturdy and safe for him to use. We are absolutely thrilled with our purchase!"

—RuthAnn Batchelder


"I purchased an Independence Chair for my husband who walks only with a walker and has debilitating mobility and balance issues. He has difficulty getting out of all chairs, even wheelchairs. His puffy, stuffed, living room-style stationary lift chair was the only chair he could sit in and get out of until we learned of the Independence Chair. Because it is on wheels, we can move it around the house. He now can sit at his desk, at the kitchen table, on the patio, and in the dining room. The chair, bought with the enthusiastic approval of his physical therapist, has dramatically increased his mobility and quality of life. The best part of the chair for my husband's situation is that it lifts him high enough so that he is almost standing. Thank you for making such a workable product available to us in the United Sates!! He and I both appreciate it. I found the chair so helpful that I just ordered a second one for our summer cottage!"


Susan, VELA enthusiast

“I am a middle-aged woman with muscular dystrophy (MD). The progression of my MD will not allow me to lift myself up out of a chair. When I did some online research for a chair that would assist in my needs, I came across the Independence Chair™. I was thrilled to see that the features the chair offered would meet my needs in my work environment. The Independence Chair™ has been all that I thought it would be. I am very easily able to move around my U-shaped desk in the chair. I just can’t wait to get one for my home. Thanks to everyone at your company for meeting my needs.”

—Susan, VELA enthusiast

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INDEPENDENCE CHAIRTM Over a Standard Office Chair?

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