Thevo Mattress Testimonials

“Hello-I purchased a ThevoActiv for my son, Ian, seven years ago. I wanted to thank you for this wonderful product. At the time when I purchased the mattress system, Ian was six and could not move at all. For seven years, 24 hours a day the mattress gave him comfort and relief. He slept better and enjoyed the gentle motion. In all this time Ian never had any evidence of pressure sores or sking break down. All of this doctors and nurses always remarked about his wonderful skin condition. Ian passed away at the hospital last month as a result of his illness. I came home the day he passed and the mattress was till faithful producing the motion and sound Ian and I had grown to count on. Please let the people at your company know how much they did for me and my son. Thank you so much!”

“I bought the ThevoCalm mattress, sight unseen…I have Parkinson’s and had tried out virtually every kind of mattress…After a few weeks, I noticed I was sleeping an hour longer and without a sore back and awakening feeling refreshed! Now after six months I am totally sold on the ThevoCalm!”