Static is Stagnant

One of the worst things for the human body (able or disabled) is to be static. The old saying that a body in motion stays in motion, is so true. For those of us who are physically challenged obtaining this motion can be an issue.

So, how do we get moving? There are several solutions available, some more costly than others, which can also present a challenge. Solutions include physical therapy, kinesio therapy, aqua therapy, and massage therapy. Modalities can include hand crank bicycles, powered ergometers, gliding standing frames, vibration therapy, rollators, and higher technical systems like functional electrical stimulation for those who have limited or no ability to move their extremities. There are body weight support systems that allow individuals to use a treadmill or body weight walkers that support individuals as they move over ground. These solutions can be simple or complicated and many times are dictated by your support structure or financial means.

One promising development is the increasing number of facilities and organizations that are opening their doors to the physically challenged. We are seeing YMCAs, wellness centers, and facilities staffed with sports scientists pushing their clients to limits they didn’t even know they had. The best part is that these types of facilities have monthly membership fees and in some cases bill your insurance.

The point is that we need to keep moving to the best of our abilities. There are solutions, explore yours now!

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