MOTOmed letto2 Is Ideal for Dialysis Patients

Research shows exercise and movement during dialysis can improve the effectiveness of the treatment as well as a patient’s overall cardiopulmonary condition and quality of life.

MOTOmed’s letto2 is an ideal choice for movement therapy as it can offer cycling for patients in a reclining, or supine, condition. Because the letto2 offers different efficiency levels, it is appropriate for dialysis patients who are able to train on an active setting, using his or her own strength against the letto2’s resistance; for those who can use residual muscle strength on a motor-assisted setting; and even for those who must rely on a passive setting, where the machine moves the legs to loosen up muscles. In addition, the letto2 allows patients to train independently, so supervision is not necessary.

Because dialysis is so time-consuming, patients often do not have time to exercise or go to physical therapy. Cycling during dialysis is efficient, allowing patients to integrate training into the procedure, which takes about four hours, three times a week.

Studies have proven that movement therapy during dialysis improves fitness and endurance and also muscle strength and physical function. Some studies also have suggested that exercise during dialysis actually improves filtration of the urination substances in the blood, so that patients can get better results in less time on dialysis.

In addition, 44% of deaths among patients on dialysis are caused by cardiovascular diseases. Thus, cardio exercise is even more important for this group of patients.

MOTOmed lists the following goals and benefits of movement therapy:

  1. Improvement of overall performance and condition.
  2. Stabilization of circulation and blood pressure to reduce complications during dialysis.
  3. Strengthening of the heart, circulation and immune systems.
  4. Bolstering of metabolism.
  5. Improvement of circulation in the legs.
  6. Increasing coordination and mobility.
  7. Education about a patient’s own body awareness.
  8. Improved effectiveness of dialysis.

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