Are You Having Trouble Getting Out of Bed? Consider the Independence Chair™ by Vela for Your Bedroom

There are many common causes for falls in the bedroom, and getting out of bed is high on that list. You could fall out of bed for various reasons, whether getting up in the middle of the night for a midnight snack, a quick bathroom break, or early morning grogginess. If you have suffered a severe fall, you know it can change how you view your independence and mobility around the house. Instead of seeing yourself as strong and independent, you struggle with the fear of falling, leading to less activity and movement.

Even though experiencing an injury due to falling may affect your self-confidence, you should not view it as the end of your independence. Having the right tools around the house to help with stability and balance could be all you need to relieve your worries about falling and continue to live a confident, independent life. The Independence Chair™ by VELA is helpful in many areas of the house, but today we will explain how it can help you in the bedroom and why you should get one today!

Common Causes of Falls in the Bedroom

Many factors can contribute to falls in the bedroom, and they could result from outside factors causing you to trip or from physical issues that make getting in and out of bed problematic. Regardless of the reason behind a fall, you should be aware of the possible causes and avoid taking risks that could result in injury.

Chronic illnesses and recent surgeries often make getting in and out of bed challenging. Degenerative conditions such as Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s negatively affect strength and balance in adults — increasing the probability of a severe fall. Additionally, recent surgeries can cause weakness and discomfort, and this resulting pain can lower your ability to climb in and out of bed.

As we age, our fitness levels change, and decreased physical fitness also causes a decline in strength, flexibility, bone mass, balance, and coordination. Even though we know this happens, we often do not want to accept these new changes or ask for assistance. By doing so, the possibility of experiencing a fall in the bedroom increases even more.

Another leading cause of falling in the bedroom comes from our surroundings. Poor lighting reduces visibility within our homes and can hide obstacles on our floors. Other tripping hazards include extension cords, throw rugs, and clutter like dirty laundry. To effectively free yourself of these obstacles, consider improving the lighting within your bedroom and removing any clutter that could pose a problem.

Help With Getting In and Out of Bed

If you struggle with getting in and out of bed, having proper assistance can make a difference. Living independently may mean you don’t have another person around the house to help you transition to and from your bed, but it does not mean you lack assistance. The Independence Chair™ by VELA has the support you need to make getting in and out of bed easy again.

The Independence Chair™ by VELA features a two-wheel locking system that provides a stable base for you to enter and exit the chair. This system allows you to confidently transition out of bed without worrying about a fall. Once you have made it into your chair from the bed, you can easily disengage the locks, allowing you to move around your home easily. These intelligent features will enable you to maintain your independence and offer security and support when getting in and out of bed.

The Independence Chair™ provides additional comfort, support, and ease of use through its armrests. Our Independence Chair™ Horizon model features armrests that you can move out of the way for easier transfer. The innovative armrest design allows you to fold the armrests of your chair up to rest your arms or move them 90 degrees forward and out of the way. The movement of the armrests can offer extra support and stability when you need to climb in and out of bed. This intuitive feature can also allow you to move the armrests out of the way, so they don’t interfere with your movement. Any Independence Chair™ is compatible with upgrading to these intuitive armrests for an additional charge. All other models, aside from the Horizon, feature standard armrests that you can adjust for length, width, and height.

The Independence Chair™ has the option of a gas or electric lifting mechanism to aid your morning or nightly routine. You can remain seated with an electric lifting mechanism while your chair raises to the same level as your bed. Having your Independence Chair™ and bed at the same level allows your movements in and out of your bed to become more manageable (and less stressful) than climbing up or down — reducing your chances of falling.

Helping With Your Wardrobe

Using the Independence Chair™ in the bedroom helps with much more than getting in and out of your bed. Your chair can open new mobility options when picking out clothes for the day. No longer worry about reaching too high or struggling to open wardrobe drawers with the Independence Chair™.

The convenient armrests can slide out of the way when you need them to move, or you can flip them back 90 degrees, depending on the model. This adjustability prevents the chair from interfering with your clothing decisions and allows for easy access to drawers or shoes on the floor. And when it’s time to put on your shoes, the locking wheels provide a stable base.

Additionally, the Independence Chair™ can help you reach hanging shirts and jackets that are usually difficult to get. The manual or electric lift option on the chair can help you adjust to your height and make accessing clothes in the closet easier. VELA’s chair makes your morning routine as easy as pouring your cup of coffee.

Increase Energy and Sleeping

Rehabilitation, mobility challenges, or disabilities can make everyday tasks more challenging. The increased effort these situations cause requires more physical exertion, which results in less energy throughout the day. This energy decrease can make performing your before-bed routine more taxing than usual.

When your bedtime routine takes longer than expected, it eats into the time you should be resting and can negatively affect your sleep patterns. Using your Independence Chair™ throughout the day can help you conserve your energy and make getting ready for bed a simple task again. Consequently, you will experience better sleep and feel more rested when you wake up.

Get Your Independence Chair™ by VELA

Your independence and ability to get things done should not suffer just because you are getting older or have limited mobility. The risk of serious injury from falling increases as we age or when dealing with a disability or mobility challenge, but you don’t need to worry about getting in and out of bed daily if you have the proper assistance. If you’re looking for ways to help make the transition to and from bed easier, the Independence Chair™ by VELA is perfect for you.

With robust steel construction, the finest foam and fabric materials (closed-cell foam, top-of-the-line Camira fabrics), and durable nylon casters, VELA built the Independence Chair™ with long-term durability in mind. Our chair also offers unparalleled comfort with adjustable height, armrests, and a fully-tilting seat and backrest. Choosing the Independence Chair™ can make your life better throughout your entire home!

Reclaim your daily routine, activities, and safety with independence by ordering your Independence Chair™ by VELA today!

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