Client Testimonials

Nothing gives credibility to a product like strong testimonials from those who use them. Keep on reading to understand how our products are helping people acheive their health and wellness goals every single day:

“I was diagnosed ten years ago with Multiple Sclerosis. I suddenly had a tremendous deterioration in my condition this past year. The relapse left me unable to stand or walk, and with limited range of motion in my right arm.

During a stay at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital I discovered the MOTOmed Viva 2, which I have been using daily for the past six months. At first I lacked the strength to pedal myself so the motor in the MOTOmed did the work for me. My strength has grown steadily and consistently. For the past five months I have been using the ServoCycling feature which allows me to do the work of pedaling myself.

At this point my legs are very strong. I can stand easily, and have the muscle strength to be able to walk. The display features on the MOTOmed allow me to vary the intensity of the resistance with just the touch of a finger. After working my leg muscles each day, I rotate the top of the unit and use the arm bike feature. This has improved the range of motion in my right arm.

MOTOmed gives me the opportunity to stay strong and get an aerobic workout at the same time. When I was in the hospital I sat in a wheelchair to use the MOTOmed. At home I can sit in a living room chair and watch television or play with my children while I get my therapy done. There is no struggling to climb onto a traditional exercise bike.

The MOTOmed has truly changed my life, and I wanted to share that with you.”
~Denise D.

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“I have Multiple Sclerosis, back and neck pains, and menopausal symptoms. The combination makes it very difficult for me to sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time and I have frequent night sweats. With the ThevoRelief mattress, I no longer toss and turn and am able to fall asleep more quickly, sleeping 8-9 hours straight per night. I am less likely to overheat during the night.

Even when I was a teenager, I didn’t sleep this well! I sleep so deeply now that my husband has a difficult time waking me up in the morning. I feel much more refreshed during the day and have fewer back and neck aches and pains.”
~Mary Ellen

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“As you know I am a (mid-aged) female with Muscular Dystrophy. The progression of my Muscular Dystrophy will not allow me to lift myself up out of a chair. When I did some online research for a chair that would assist in my needs I came across the Vela Chair. I was thrilled to see that the features the chair offered would assist in all of my needs in my work environment. The Vela Chair has been all that I thought it would be. I really do not have any complaints about the chair. It does sit just a little high for me but I can always purchase the foot rest that attached to the chair. The model that I ordered did not come with swivel and that was an option that I thought I would need, it turns out I haven’t had to use the swivel on the chair since I have had it because of the pivoting wheels on the chair. I am very easily able to move around my U shaped desk in the chair. No complaints from this customer. I just can’t wait to get one for my home. Thanks to everyone at Ri, LLC for meeting my needs.”