The Tango 200 by VELA

Balance and the Office Chair

Getting in and out of a standard office chair is often difficult for people suffering with neurological disorders or balance issues. Safety, of course, is a big concern as the standard office chair with wheels can easily roll away from under someone putting that individual at risk of falling. But did you know there are chairs available that can provide safety and maintain independence whether at home or in the workplace?

Special ergonomic chairs, such as those manufactured by VELA, can come with a central lock to easily secure all castors providing a stable chair to raise and lower from. This central safety lock is an easily accessible lever that is simply activated by pulling it forward. By locking the castors the fear of the chair sliding out from under someone is eliminated not to mention the risk of injury drastically decreased!

Another feature available to accommodate a person dealing with a balance issue, used in conjunction with a central lock, is a powered function under the arm rest to raise and lower a chair with the touch of a button. This is especially beneficial to a person that finds it difficult to raise and lower themselves from a standing to a sitting position and visa versa. This feature literally allows the individual to back into the chair while standing upright, lean back in to the chair, and slowly lower themselves by pressing the power button on the arm rest.

An ergonomic solution like this is not only beneficial in the work place but also in the home office or even the kitchen! The large castors and open frame allow for easy foot propelling in many environments!

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  1. I must say this is a very interesting design. Actually I was looking for good posture chair to work from home in my budget but couldn’t find perfect one. But your info really helped me a lot thanks for sharing.

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