At the Office: Considerate Seating Solutions

Vela Chair Tango 300E

With so many hours spent in the office environment, comfort, safety and mobility should be a serious consideration for office staff.

For instance, an employee who is above average size and weight would need a robust work chair to suit their needs. This chair should offer a higher weight capacity, various options for wider seats and backs, as well as other ergonomic features specially designed for users who are seeking to be more comfortable in the workplace.

Once a comfortable ergonomic chair is chosen, proper safety features need to be considered. Chairs with an electric lift function will make it easier for users to get in and out of their chair, making the transition almost seamless. For a larger user, a hydraulic or gas spring lift is not practical. Why? Because it is difficult to make adjustments. A better option is a chair with an electric lift. Electric chairs allow you to easily adjust the chair to the perfect height with just the touch of a button.

Another consideration when it comes to safety would be the brakes. Breaks prevent the chair from migrating away from the person which reduces the risk of potential falls and injury. However the location of the breaks need to be considerd. Breaks located on individual castors are not practical. Why? These are difficult to lock and unlock from a seated position. One central break operated by a lever is much easier to activate and release by using only one hand.

Mobility of the individual in the chair itself is also an important consideration. Adjustable arm rests allow for greater comfort when seated at a desk. An open front end with a 4-castor base as opposed to the traditional 5-castor base will allow space for foot propelling if needed.

Statistics and studies reveal that ergonomic seating is something all employers should consider for their office staff. Ergonomics is all about feeling comfortable, feeling supported and feeling healthy while you work. Keep in mind solutions are available for all body types-especially those who need extra support.

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