Letto2 A Great Choice for Physical Therapy


The RECK MOTOmed letto2 offers a way for patients in the intensive care unit to begin early-intervention physical therapy. A number of leading hospitals, including Johns Hopkins University and the Veterans Administration, have been studying the feasibility of using the letto2, a supine ergometer, in the ICU. They have found it to be safe and beneficial. The letto2 is an … Read More

Case Study: REX-Assisted Physiotherapy

When an operation to remove a spinal tumor in 2011 left Ali Ahmed Saleh Al-Mehrezi paralyzed, he thought he would never walk again and would spend the rest of his years lying in a bed. REX changed his outlook on life. Read his story here.

FES Clinical Studies

If you are a medical professional, the studies and articles below will be of interest to you. Download 14_Development of an FES Biofeedback Cycling System_FES_STROKE Download 15_Stimulating Activities_FES_SCI Download 19_External Power Output changes_FES_SCI Download 20_Force-Velocity Relationship of Paralyzed Quadriceps Muscles_FES_SCI Download 21_Effect of Fatigue on the Timining of Electrical Stim_FES_SCI Download 22_Maximizing Muscle Force via Low-Cadence_FES_SCI Download 23_Development of an … Read More

MOTOmed Clinical Studies

If you are a professional in the medical field, the following studies will be of benefit to you: NEW! Download Australian Association for Exercise and Sport Science NEW! Download Cancer Research Results NEW! Download Clinical Exercise Interventions in Prostate Cancer Patients NEW! Download Effect of a Multimodal High Intensity Exercise Intervention in Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy Randomised Controlled NEW! Download … Read More