Better Life Through Better Equipment

By Allen McKinley I’ve been using a wheelchair since April 1, 2002. Like many of you reading this, I never thought I would need one, and I certainly didn’t ask for the challenges life threw at me concerning my disability. I was in a motorcycle accident that left me paralyzed from the chest down. I’m a T-4 para, for those … Read More

Getting Back on Your Feet!

Injury or illness can sometimes keep us off of our feet for prolonged periods of time. The amount of muscle strength and mass lost can range from mild to catastrophic. Needless to say, neither of these scenarios is very attractive. Today’s technologies allow for faster recoveries after an illness or injury. More importantly, they can act as a preventative measure. … Read More

Finally Standing!!

I was recently asked to do an in-service for a Spinal Cord Injury Group on the Benefits of Standing. The in-service was scheduled to last for 30 minutes, it easily lasted twice that long. We spoke about several benefits of standing on the human body including: improved range of motion, deceased joint and muscle contractures, improved strength, decrease in muscle … Read More

Parkinson’s + MOTOmed = Possible Solutions

In recent years researchers in the United States and abroad are finding solutions for increased gait and stability, assistance with bradykinesia, tremor reduction and cognition. Although the results vary from individual to individual we are seeing some exciting results. I was working with our representative in northern California. We worked with a therapist and a gentleman with PD. He was … Read More