Are You Having Trouble Getting Out of Bed? Consider the Independence Chair™ by Vela for Your Bedroom

Your independence and your ability to get things done should not suffer just because you are getting older or have limited mobility. The risk of serious injury from falling increases as we age or when dealing with a disability or mobility challenge, but you don’t need to worry about getting in and out of bed daily if you have the proper assistance. If you’re looking for ways to help make the transition to and from bed easier, the Independence Chair™ by VELA is perfect for you.

Why Preventing Falls at Home Is Critical in 2021

Enable Me-Why Preventing Falls At Home is Critical in 2021

Preventing falls at home has become even more critical in 2021. The uncertainty of the past two years has caused a shift in priorities and preferences across society — in public spaces, educational institutions, workplaces, and most dramatically, in homes. Unsafe living conditions are most dangerous for retirees, and home health services are seeing more demand than ever.

13 Fall Prevention Tips To Keep You Safe

Enable MeMOFU - Fall Prevention with Independence Chair™

We’ve seen firsthand what measures can help prevent the broken bones, head injuries, or hip injuries that often follow a sudden fall inside the home. We’re sharing the most effective ways you can prevent falls and continue enjoying the activities you love.

Simple Chair Exercises You Can Do at Home or at Work

simple chair exercises you can do from anywhere

If you want to stay as healthy as possible, we recommend adding exercise to your day. Discover how you can increase your movement safely and securely and regain your sense of YOU with simple chair exercises, stretches, and tips.