Discover How One Special Chair Makes Daily Activities Easier While Staying Independent, Mobile and Safe

“I was thrilled to see that the features the Independence Chair™ offered would meet my needs. It has been all that I thought it would be. I am very easily able to move around.”

-- Susan, MD patient and Independence Chair™ owner

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  • Want more freedom and safety to move about the house without a walker or bulky wheelchair?
  • Looking for ways to stay in your home and accomplish everyday activities?

Each chair is personalized to your needs. Speak with one of our specialists to design your own Independence Chair™.

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The Independence Chair™ is helping thousands of people safely and freely move about home and work with a reduced risk of falling while doing the things they love.

Would movement support help you accomplish tasks at home and at work? See what's possible with the Independence Chair™. Call 866-738-6552 now or complete the form above to request the "Independence Chair™ Uses Infographic".