First Impressions of REX

The following testimonial comes from Nick Yarter and his mother, Laura Hunter, of Canton, Massachusetts:

Nicholas Yarter, 16, sustained a C4-C5 injury in a diving accident on May 8, 2015. He has been confined to a wheelchair since.

Upon meeting REX for the first time, Nick regained his sense of balance and center of gravity and got used to walking in less than 10 minutes. He quickly appreciated the feeling of being untethered, as well as the benefits of being able to travel over distances and moving side to side. That night he slept better and experienced noticeable benefits to his circulation.

According to Laura, “REX would be able to provide the same functions as more than a few pieces of equipment at Nick’s rehab center, and in particular can work several different parts of his body at the same time. This is a tremendous advantage and would persuade me to take him to any gym that has REX.”

“You can’t imagine the feeling of being up, of being taller instead of shorter than everybody,” said Nick, adding, “It’s nice not to have to look at everyone else’s butt!”

All the members of the family who were there commented on the very helpful, friendly and patient Enable Me staff: Mike, Jill and Sherri.

REX enabled Nick’s mom to give him a standing hug for the first time since his injury. As you can tell from the picture, it was quite a moment.

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  1. Wonderful thing to witness I have also had the pleasure of seeing my own son Simon Kindleysides standing tall in this marvellous piece of equipment in the uk

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