VELA products range from stools and sit-stand chairs to office seating and specialty chairs. They promote safety and activity for adults and children suffering from pain or weakness. VELA chairs may be used at home, school, office or in a rehabilitation center.

VELA’s unique features include:

  1. Wheels that allow for active foot propulsion.
  2. Central wheel lock system, accessed electronically or manually for safe entrance or exiting of the seat.
  3. Power or manual adjustable height.
  4. Sit-to-stand function.
  5. Anterior tilt in the seat.
  6. Ergonomic seat and back, which are easy to adjust.
  7. 90-degree seat rotation, which can be locked into place.
  8. 4-inch wheels developed to run more smoothly than standard wheels.
  9. Accessories that allow chairs to be customized to meet any challenge.
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“I am a middle-aged woman with muscular dystrophy (MD). The progression of my MD will not allow me to lift myself up out of a chair. When I did some online research for a chair that would assist in my needs, I came across the VELA chair. I was thrilled to see that the features the chair offered would meet my needs in my work environment. The VELA chair has been all that I thought it would be. The model that I ordered did not come with swivel, and although that was an option that I thought I would need, I haven’t had to use the swivel on the chair since I have had it because of the pivoting wheels. I am very easily able to move around my U shaped desk in the chair. I just can’t wait to get one for my home. Thanks to everyone at your company for meeting my needs.”Susan, VELA enthusiast
“I just wanted to thank you for all your help with the Vela Tango 200 chair. My husband absolutely loves it! It is so well-constructed, better than I could have hoped for, and is sturdy and safe for him to use. We are absolutely thrilled with our purchase!”RuthAnn Batchelder

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