Tyromotion produces robotics and computer-assisted therapy devices designed for rehabilitation of the upper-body and upper extremities. The software, TyroS®, can be paired with a number of devices to yield a huge range of therapy applications to increase motivation, efficiency, flexibility and variety in training. The suite of products includes Amadeo®, used for finger-hand rehabilitation; Pablo®, used for hand-arm rehabilitation; Diego®, used for arm-shoulder rehabilitation; Myro®, designed for interactive and task-specific therapy; Tymo®, used for balance training and postural control; and Tyrostation, a therapy station.

Tyromotion offers interactive therapy games and modules for neurological and orthopedic patients of all ages and in all phases of rehabilitation; in addition, the software produces assessments and documentation about the therapy to report on a patient’s progress.


“We have people from all walks of life, all different sizes, all different shapes, all different joint segments, and you can customize the device to them. In the past, it was always you bringing the patient to the devices. Now, with the Tyrosolution, you bring the Tyrosolution to the patient, and it fits everyone.”