MOTOmed letto2 Is Ideal for Dialysis Patients

Research shows exercise and movement during dialysis can improve the effectiveness of the treatment as well as a patient’s overall cardiopulmonary condition and quality of life. MOTOmed’s letto2 is an ideal choice for movement therapy as it can offer cycling for patients in a reclining, or supine, condition. Because the letto2 offers different efficiency levels, it is appropriate for dialysis …


Register Now for Product Webinars

We have scheduled a series of free webinars every quarter over the coming year to offer basic information on some of our most popular products. The first one is an introduction to the MOTOmed letto2, and it is coming up Tuesday, Oct. 11, at noon EDT. This webinar will provide viewers a basic understanding of the letto2. There will be …

Watch Demonstration of VELA Tango 100 & 200

The VELA Tango 100 & 200 (pneumatic-powered) chairs are designed for users who require an extremely stable chair. They feature a brake that makes the chairs completely stable during use, especially when sitting down or getting up from the chair, and they are easily adjustable for height, body size and comfort. Watch the video below for a demonstration.